Tristan Sphinx Resting on Ice

August 2005, 30th

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Tristan Sphinx Resting on Ice
Tristan, the beta male wolf of our main pack, laying on the ice. That may look like a cold thing to do in the middle of January, but so far we have not had much of a winter, not a typical winter for Indiana anyway. It has been downright warm. So warm that even the two legged folks around here have been seen wearing T-shirts when venturing outside! Of course that has meant little to no snow and fleeting ice on the pond. However, what ice there was Tristan is using to help keep cool. Consider that wolves have fur coats which will keep them comfortable and warm in temperatures well below zero, when it gets up into the 50's that is downright hot for a wolf in winter fur. Try bundling up in winter gear designed for arctic conditions and run around in 50, 30 even 30 degree temperatures and you will get quite warm as well. Since they can not take their winter garb off, perhaps using the ice makes a warm wolf not quite so warm ;-)

When wolves lay like this, we call it a sphinx rest because, well, they kinda look like the Sphinx!