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This is an evolutionary version of slashdot2rss, which has been altered to include extra metadata per item. The output is now much closer to the Slashdot RSS feed.

The script isn't any less fragile than slashdot2rss, but is has been improved in it's handling of fragile Slashdot posts, such as those using Windows line-endings and internal Slashdot URLs.

In Liferea, the output of this filter is indistinguishable from the original Slashdot feed, apart from the fact that it has the full item desciption instead of a shortened version, and that the date is /correctly/ translated to GMT. Note that the date code assumes you have left the date settings to the defaults (EST and default formatting).

Note: this version requires the TimeDate library from CPAN.

Liferea doesn't (yet) support cookies like Snownews, but I use Privoxy to add the cookie instead; this means that liferea gets to see all the stories.

2005/04/29: New version updated to allow for small format changes and to include topic headers.
AuthorUnsung hero
Updated2010-01-31, 14:45

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