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This script converts output of FTP NLST command into RSS 2.0.
So you can use it in conjunction with curl to monitor content of some ftp site.

curl --data NLST ftp://'url' | awk -v url='url' -v title='title' ftpls2rss.awk

Replace 'url', 'title' with actual site URL and short site description.


curl --data NLST ftp://some.ftp.net/pub/Linux/debian-sarge/ | awk -v url=ftp://some.ftp.net/pub/Linux/debian-sarge/ -v title='Sarge images' -f /usr/local/bin/ftpls2rss.awk

I have tested it with liferea 0.9.1.

Consider VERTLINE as pipe symbol (site engine filters it).

AuthorUnsung hero
LicenseFree without restrictions
Updated2010-01-31, 14:48

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(Plase note: This site does not contain any RSS feed. You cannot subscribe to this page or the script directly with your RSS reader! Read the description on the front page on how to use these scripts.)

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