* Snownews 1.5.12


System Requirements:

Snownews should run on a 486 or equivalent CPU. Faster is better, though. XML parsing is quite CPU intensive. The program requires about 2MB RAM depending on the number of your feeds.


Source packages should compile without problems by doing the usual "./configure; make; make install" thing. I successfully compiled the program and various Linux installations, OpenBSD and Mac OS X.

If you don't want to dive into the adventure of compiling programs yourself, you can use the precompiled version if you're using Linux. Just run the included script "install.sh" and be done with it. Or you can use one of the packages done by other people for various systems.

If you encouter any problems please have a look at the FAQ. To report a bug in the program, please read the FAQ, section 4. And finally, if you like the program, please consider donating something. Have a look at my Donations page.

Available downloads

Packages/ports are available for the following systems. Available in ports/package collections or from a link below.

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Downloading & Installation