* Snowlog 1.1.1

What's it all about?

Snowlog is a program that lets you browse your web server's access log files. It does not generate static HTML status reports but instead shows you all accesses in a list that you can filter, sort and search easily. It's a console application and supposed to run on the server directly, via ssh for example.

The pcre library provides Perl style regular expressions throughout the program. Filtering, matching referer and browser strings is all done via pcre.

Who will likely want to use this utility?

If you are admin of your own server or have a shell account on your hosting provider's server and find web based overbloated statistic scripts slow and annoying, then give this one a try. It's a different approach and presents you only the relevant information in a simplistic way.

Take a look at this wonderful screenshot that displays part of the access stats to my personal web page. Accesses are always grouped by host and ordered chronologically as they appear in the logfile. Search queries from popular search engines and user agent strings are decoded and displayed in a fancy format.

I hate Referer Spam!

Guess what? Me too. Therefore Snowlog provides an easy and fast way to filter out referer spam.

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