Profile: Bishop's Crown

8 August 2015 in Chilijournal

When I first sowed the Bishop's Crown seed in June this year I was more expecting it to become an indoor chili for the window sill. But it turns out they are even faster growers than the Fataliis and after only 1.5 months the plant is 75cm high. Not even a small pot prevented it from growing. It just became offended, letting its leaves hanging, and I had to put it into a bigger pot.

After a bit of research it turned out that these plants grow up to 2-3m high. They seem to grow much larger than your standard capsicum chinense plant. It even grew so fast that the trunk is kinda thin and it seems to have trouble getting enough water to the topmost leaves.

Environmental conditions

Hailing from the Carribean they should be accustomed to tropical climate. Interestingly 35°C behind a window glass (greenhouse like) seems to be almost uncomfortable and 40°C in direct sunlight is too much for them. They seem to like it much better in the shade and, in contrast to other chilis I have, need plenty of water. While others are fine with the soil completely dry for a day or two the Bishop's Crowns seem to prefer it mostly wet.