Day 57

The four repotted chilies have grown to almost twice their size since so I decided to move them all out of the green house and into their own flower pots. It's not exactly tropical climate around here, but there is much more light available.

The final count is 11 plants:

  • 3x Jolokia
  • 3x Habanero
  • 3x Fatalii
  • 1x Cayenne
  • 1x Trinidad Scorpion

Day 55

Fatalii Chili Seedling

I have repotted 4 chili plants that had their roots growing out of their small pots and because of the weather being really nice. They are already roasting in the midday and evening sun. :) They will now stay in 12cm pots until it's warm enough for them to be outside during the night. The final pots will be 21cm which store enough water for about a summer day in direct sun.

Day 51

Cayenne Seedling Fatalii Seedling Habanero Seedling

The weather has been quite nice the last days and some of the Chilis "took advantage" of the sun. Meaning they have grown more in three days than in the three weeks before. The Fataliis like last year seem to be the fastest growers. One of them now has its first pair of leaves. They will probably get their own pots next weekend.

They were originally planted in compressed earth made from coconut palm wood and leaves which is rather nutrient-poor but it is well suited for cultivating plants from seeds. The young chilis need to be repotted into real earth soon after sprouting or you could use fertilizer. The later can be dangerous if not thinned down enough as it can burn the delicate roots of seedlings.

Split a large directory into smaller chunks

I wanted to archive a 130GB directory containing various files to bluray discs. As bluray burning seems to be "highly experimental" under Linux, no GUI program I wanted to install could write to such a disc. On the command line it works with dvd+rw-tools which wants a subdirectory with contents that gets written to disc.

The code below takes an input directory 'basedir' and hardlinks its content into smaller directories under 'targetdir' with a maximum size of 'volumesize'.

#!/usr/bin/python # burns with: growisofs -udf -iso-level 3 -allow-limited-size -Z /dev/sr0 vol1/ import os basedir = '/media/Blackbox/More_Stuff/Software' targetdir = '/media/Blackbox/More_Stuff/Software-bkp' volumesize = 48440016896 # Size from dvd+rw-mediainfo print 'Creating hard-linked directory structure from\n%s\nto\n%s\nwith a volume size of %d bytes\n' % (basedir, targetdir, volumesize) def createroot(root): # print 'createroot on path %s' % root if not os.path.exists(root): os.makedirs(root) def makelink(relname): src = '%s/%s' % (basedir, relname) target = '%s/%s' % (volume_dir, relname) # print 'Linking %s -> %s\n' % (src, target) try:, target) except OSError as error: print 'File probably not readable for us: %s' % src size = 0 vol = 1 volume_dir = '%s/vol%d' % (targetdir, vol) os.makedirs(volume_dir) for root, dirs, files in os.walk(basedir): for name in files: fname = os.path.join(root, name) fsize = os.path.getsize(fname) relname = os.path.relpath(fname, basedir) if (size + fsize) > volumesize: print 'Volume %d: %s bytes.' % (vol, size) # New volume vol += 1 size = fsize volume_dir = '%s/vol%d' % (targetdir, vol) os.makedirs(volume_dir) else: size += fsize newroot = os.path.dirname(os.path.join(volume_dir, relname)) createroot(newroot) makelink(relname) print 'Volume %d: %s bytes.' % (vol, size)

Day 44

Trinidad Scorpion seedling Ghost Pepper seedling Fatalii seedling

Three chili plants and all of them look different. The Scorpion (left one) has somewhat longish leaves while the others are shaped more classically. The Ghost Pepper is also different as the trunk is coloured slightly red while the others are completely green. The Habaneros, too, have hints of red in their colours. They are also growing their first real leaves, so it's time to repot them in the next few days. They will have to leave their heated greenhouse, but indoors temperature should be enough.

New (and probably final) leaderboard:

  • 3x Jolokia
  • 3x Habanero
  • 2x Fatalii
  • 1x Cayenne
  • 1x Trinidad Scorpion

Day 42

Finally! A Trinidad Scorpion has sprouted. While on the last spot of our leaderboard, I hope it'll take the first place when it comes to heat. Well, two more Scorpions to go. I hope they, too, will grow.

Day 39

The Scorpion remains tenacious. Still no sign, so I used three new seeds. Unfortunately it looks like the seeds are bad or the Scorpion wants it even hotter, but I doubt that. I also sowed two new Cayennes since only one of the original seeds sprouted.

The new leaderboard:

  • 3x Jolokia
  • 3x Habanero
  • 2x Fatalii
  • 1x Cayenne
  • 0x Trinidad Scorpion

Nine plants should be a good start. I originally had 12 last year and gave four away once they bared fruit.

The Ghost Pepper

Chilis in a Greenhouse

While the Cayenne and Scorpions take their time (they got 30 days!) the first of the Jolokias is growing the first real leaf. The middle one in the picture above.

The little greenhouse has artificial lighting, because at about 16:30 it's already dark outside. It is a ~2W LED light that did the job just fine last year. It might be a better idea to have a light source that also emits UV. Last year the poor plants were kind of shocked when I moved them from inside behind the window to the balcony into the direct sunlight. That's not a pretty sight if you leave them in the direct sun for too long. Luckily they all adapted after a while and around August all of them could be left standing in the brutal midday sun and they seemed to enjoy that. ;) (As long as enough water was supplied)

First Little Chilis '14

The first chilis have already sprouted. The Jolokias took the lead. I planted three of each type, so that would be 15 chili plants if everyone of them grows. Last year only 2 of 16 did not sprout.

Ghost Pepper seedling Habanero seedling Fatalii seedling

The leaderboard is now as follows:

  • 3x Jolokia
  • 1x Fatalii
  • 1x Habanero
  • 0x Cayenne
  • 0x Trinidad Scorpion

Hopefully the rest of them will follow soon. They are all kept inside a little greenhouse with a heating mat below on the window sill. It's (kind of) winter outside and this will keep them at a nice 25-30°C.

Season '14

This year's chili season just started with:

The scorpion is new this year, everything else I cultivated already last year. Unfortunately last year the habaneros didn't turn out to be very hot. Interestingly some of the Fataliis smelled almost dangerous so it couldn't have been lack of sun. Let's see if the Trinidad Scorpion can live up to its reputation. :)

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