Harry Dies level 2

Harry Dies screenshot

Level 2 will start with an intermediate level to connect world 1 with world 2. The lovely dodge-the-falling-logs waterfall leading to I-hate-it-that-I-cannot-collect-all-diamonds!

Chili Charger

Grow a tasty Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper!

Trinidad Scorpion Chili Pepper

And lots of other chilies! Chili Charger is another game, this time for Android phones and tablets, I'm working on. It's a puzzle game about growing chilies. What else would you grow in your garden?

More updates as it takes shape. ETA is probably early August. Yes, there will be real screenshots if it's a bit more polished. I won't post fake screenshots, even it this seems to be a viable business strategy these days. ;)

If you like puzzle games and want to become a tester, get in touch.

17.06 Chilis

After many hot days most chilies doubled in size. I guess the lemon drop more like tripled. And finally on the way to the first peppers! Lots of cayenne golden already, must be more like 10 waiting to turn yellow. The scotch bonnet has turned into a tree. Used a rather large pot. There are like 50 blossoms and many of them are turning into chili peppers now.

Together with chilies I planted cucumbers which are finally starting to grow and a butternut squash from a seed obtained from a fruit last year. This one is totally overgrowing the poor ghost pepper in the same pot. Everytime the ghost pepper grows by 1 cm the squash plant has grown by 10 cm. Looking at the size this thing grows to, pumpkins might not be the best thing to grow in pots on a balcony. :)

First assets for the Valley of Madness

Meet the butterfly and happy cloud (shooting rainbows) in Harry Dies. World 2 will be a lovely valley full of waterfalls and death. Killer butterfly, exploding flowers you name it! Here are the first two animated enemies I made.

game enemy butterflygame enemy happy cloudbullet rainbow

Background objects will include waterfalls, trees and clouds (not shooting stuff fortunately... but why not?).

background objects

Harry Dies

The game

Harry Dies is a super relaxing 2D platform game. Actually that's a lie, it's really a torture platformer where you play Harry the Hairball, save the dragon, smash the princess and hopefully do NOT die (too often).

Oh don't worry, the screenshots won't spoil too many death traps. There are plenty more of them!

Chapter 1: The Abyss of Death

The first level will take you deep into the ocean. You probably should avoid getting sliced, chopped, zapped, eaten… or drown somewhere in the depths.

Harry Dies screenshotHarry Dies screenshot

Chapter 2, 3 and the final fight will follow in further releases. If you want to be notified when this happens, you can follow me on Twitter or my Google+ games collection. Updates will be posted there. Or, if you prefer oldskool, add my RSS feed. The release dates will always be the same: when it's done! If the whole game is finished there will probably be a non-web version for Windows and Android.

If you want to support development, you can use Paypal.


Play Harry Dies right here. Should run on a toaster as long as it supports WebGL.

A keyboard is highly recommended, WASD+SPACE or arrow keys. But there are also touch controls if you're on a tablet. I bow to you if you finish it on a tablet!

The web version will have an ad on top of the screen. Yeah, yeah, a neccessary evil. I will try to configure it to show gaming related stuff.

17.04 Chili

Finally! Sunny days. What looked like a perfect chili season with almost 20°C at the beginning of march, turned out to be a rainy, even snowy, mess until end of April.

But now let battle commence with the following peppers:

  • Trinidad Scorpion: really wanted this one again.
  • Habanero Red: no experiments there, just a good old classic.
  • Fatalii Yellow: best chili I've ever had. Not too deadly. I'd call them perfect.
  • Ghost Pepper: another classic. Jolokia Yellow but 3rd generation. Let's see what we have here.
  • Cayenne Golden: another 2nd generation chili. But since this one already has some fruits and they look like Cayennes are supposed to look, probably no surprises here.
  • Scotch Bonnet: used seeds from a chili pepper I bought somewhere at the city market.
  • Vulcano: now despite the lovely name, this one is actually only a class 3 chili. Rather large fruits if I remember correctly.
  • Lemon Drop: another new one. I bought some fresh lemon drop chilis from Chilifood last year and they were extremly delicious. They indeed tasted a bit like lemon and were not too hot. Probably a good 7 on the scale. These are growing quite large it seems. Almost triple the size of the others. Let's hope they produce pain at that rate, too!

With the weather getting better now, the chilis can now be outside. Right now it's perfectly sunny. Baking in the sun and converting solar energy into pain!

Snø and Cyklus

Our first two Android apps are now on the app store. Interesting experience to develop something from zero to app store without anyone knowing everything better. And it's so much easier to know everything better if you are not involved in the whole thing!

Snø is a weather app with pictures from all around the world. It's probably a bit hard to market, because it fits in neither category. Not a full blown weather app and not a full blown social media picture sharing thingy. Of course it also shows the lunar phases! Apparently everything I do includes that functionality.

And Kianga made Cyklus, a 24-hour watch face with weather forecast. It shares the weather data backend with Snø. Will be interesting to see which one will generate more queries... and costs us more money. Probably Snø in the long run since it's free.

So download it and make the cat happy!

Jessie exim4 spf madness

Here's a strange thing. Seems like spf-tools-perl in jessie have some strange bugs. I never noticed, but after the update from wheezy SPF silently stopped working and the log was spammed with Warning: Unexpected error in SPF check. I traced this down to the invocation of /usr/bin/spfquery.mail-spf-perl which would abort with an error: unresolvable name: localhost at /usr/share/perl5/Mail/SPF/ line 225

The solution to all this madness, /etc/resolv.conf had an entry nameserver localhost. Changing that to made the perl script and SPF checking work again. /etc/hosts does list localhost, no idea why this broke.

Chilis for 2016

Chili season 2016 has already started. I planted 15 about a week ago. This year I don't have an "extreme-only" mix, but variety. Of course no chili season can go without Reapers. So for this year we have:

The Bishop's Crown grow extremly fast, and extremly big. They are also a bit fragile due to their size. Let's hope the first storm doesn't blow them away once they're outside. The list is sorted by heat. Complete meltdown on top and more like bell pepper on the bottom. But I'm still mostly looking forward to the Bishop's Crowns. They were extremly tasty without setting your mouth on fire. For some people, this may be a good thing. Probably not for us that grow chilies. :)

Harvest 2015

This year's harvest is probably less than 2014. Bad weather in the spring, less plants and experiments with soil which turned out to be suboptimal. Not all variants seem to like compressed cocos fibre. The stuff can hold a lot of water, but the plants contantly have "wet feet" and it dries out pretty fast. The turfless soil I tried this year is much better. I will use that again next year. Only downside: it's more annoying to transport. I could probably order it at amazon, but that really feels weird.

So, this year's leaderboards:

Type# of plants# of fruitsRank
Ají Dulce2104th
Carolina Reaper2551st
Trinidad Scorpion115th

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