Patreon tier reward prints

The following list contains the currently available items you can choose from for the Portal to Reality Patreon tier. More will be added as I create them.

You can have them printed only or colored as well. See my Terms of Service section about 3D prints for information about the prints themselves: ToS

The Void Mark

Multi filament print, transparent and can be illuminated. Example
Minimum size is 10x10cm, maximum 20x20. Though 40x40 or more is possible but it will have some visible seams.

Void Mark printed

The Clock

Your very own altered item. It probably won't mulitply. Keep away from other clocks just in case.

The Clock printed

The Claw of the Khan-Ur

Comes with optional Iron Legion themed stand if you want - Photos

The Claw of the Khan-Ur printed

Low Poly Dolphin

Fenya in dolphin form, various sizes and coloring possible - Photos

Low Poly Dolphin printed

Low Poly Fox

Fenya in fox form, various sizes and coloring possible - Photos

Low Poly Fox printed


Cozy little mimic around 15cm length to spice up your coffee session a bit - Photos

Mimics! printed

Shrine of Mara

Similar to the original model in Skyrim - Photos

Shrine of Mara printed

The Hotline

Comes without a cord. But you can lift the headset! Different color possible, but why would you want that? - Photos

The Hotline printed


Scepter only. Truly sorry for that but the snake adds like double the amount of required time. I can add it for a little extra payment - Photos

Xiuquatl printed

Keeya's shield

I may have glowy pink paint if you prefer that. :3 But haven’t actually painted my version with that - Photos

Keeya's shield printed

The Griffon Fountain

May be painted with glow-in-the-dark ink for the markings depending on availability. Or without markings - Photos

The Griffon Fountain printed

Flameseeker Prophecies

With or without glow-in-the-dark ink, depending on availability. I will do my best - Photos

Flameseeker Prophecies printed

The Binding of Ipos

There is a day or night version possible. Please be aware that this item will be an additional 50€, it will include the claw stand though. It will take twice as long as the other items to create.
Photos - More Photos - Claw Stand

The Binding of Ipos printed